Doll House Design & Decoration : Girls House Games

发行商: Sablo Studio
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This is the most unique game which is free to download here created by sablo studio. take your cap and sit behind the gigantic machinery to build the construction city. as you move towards the challenging levels of interior home decoration it will increase with more fun and addiction. we hope this game never let you bore from building tycoon games to the end. here you need to build a beautiful doll house for yourself. you have to decorate the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and garden in this my town home games. there is cute furniture for you to decorate these rooms as you want. if you are ready to take on this challenge, just download and play 3d interior planer. we guarantee you will not be able to stop playing this immersive and addictive of builder tycoon!
Being the player of this doll house design & decoration : girls house games you have to build a doll house with different objects to unlock next level. there are 2 types of levels of this construction games 2018 the one is exterior and the second one is the interior. all processes of this house decoration and design games are divided into multiple levels. the first work of this dollhouse furniture which is assigned to you is drive concrete mixer to construction area. then throw mixer in hole to make base of this city builder games. place pillars on highlighted area in this build crafting and building. with the help of mobile crane you need to pick walls and them onto the loader. then place walls on the marked area of this construction vehicles .now you are supposed to pick and place pillars and slabs to make front side in this unique games. pick pillars and them onto the loader in this construction simulator games. take the help from tower crane and place the pillars. place the walls and then turn your construction vehicles towards the roof of the doll house in this construction vehicles .you have to pick trash material with the help of bulldozer and load them onto the truck and throw waste material out of city in this building sit. in interior levels you have to decorate different rooms of doll house in this car construction games 3d. there are four rooms like bedroom, kitchen, washroom and dining room. you just got a cute doll house. how do you want to decorate the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and garden?. the furniture is given in the room set them and enjoy the fun!

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