Tractor Cargo Transport Driver: Farming Simulator

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Do you love tractor games? If yes then this heavy tractor driving simulator game is for you where you will drive tractor to deliver cargo on hills and mountains. As a best farmer you are a designated driver to transport cargo in the valley of Seattle hills and village farm. Drive the American farming tractor on highway and off road to help the farmers by transporting heavy cargo. As a driver of trailer truck climb uphill mountain for cargo delivery. Use tractor driving skills on mud road hill to improve cargo transporter duty. This farming tractor game is hard driving game there is a risk of impossible fall down from steep hills and dangerous mountains. Enjoy the new cargo transport simulator ( cts ) as a pro driver of tractor trolly games.
This heavy duty tractor cargo transporter game is an ultimate test of farm tractors driving skills. You have a chance to improve the trailer truck precision skills by controlling the speed of tractor truck on the NYC roads and prove that you are the best hill truck driver in Seattle hills. As a tractor farmer get control of big tractor on amazing off road environment of hills and village. The farmers can drives vehicles like harvester, crop choppers, trolley trucks and long sprayer on farms and offroads. As a farmer trucker sell rice, grass, wheat and corn crops to earn money and unlock new modern tractors.
So it's time to become expert driver to transport cargo on tractor. Usually tractors are used to harvest crops but in this game you will drive the big machinery to perform transportation duty. Farmers deliver the cargo using animals like cow, goats, donkeys, horses and buffalo but this time the trolley is attached with modern tractors to do this cargo transporter job. In this tractor farming simulation be carefull while driving on bumpy roads of village that are full of trash and mud dirt. Be the best transporter by playing heavy tractor simulator game of 2017!
Cargo Transport Missions:
- Pick haystack from warehouse and deliver it to the customer
- Deliver milk containers to farm
- Supply cement to other customers
- Transport rice to customers
- Supply wooden logs to the factory
- Pick beverages from warehouse and deliver it to the village
- Deliver corn crops and grain to silos
- Collect petrol and provide it in town
- Pick soup from shop and transport it to farm
- Pick heystack from plant and carry it to city
- Pick cotton fields from store and supply it in town market
- Deliver wheat to farm
- Deliver rice to the people in valley
- Transport water tanks in valley
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