Game Of Survival - Mega Shooting War FPS

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Welcome to a mega release of Action Trend Games “Game Of Survival : Mega FPS Shooting War”, available on amazon app store for free to download. Enjoy the real army shooting mission on battle arena.
Start playing the grand gun action shooting game offline. Command your army commando squad, fight with courage! Step Into fort battlefield. War against injustice is at its peak and your country needs you as an epic hero in this great battleground. Lead your mega team from front. Aim well and Shoot them up!
During game play you can purchase health kits easily if your health is below. Survive yourself from enemies attack and kill those enemies quickly. A mini-map is also present which is very useful feature, you can easily locate terrorists and weapons to collect using this map and plan your operation accordingly. After successful completion of each level you will get reward of cash and coins. Utilize these rewards to unlock weapons and to upgrade weapons. Health Kits and shields can also purchased through cash by which you can survive in fps battle arena.
Choose a gun from a huge variety of weapons, the game features over 15 different guns from classic AK-47, HMG, sniper, m4a and AWP to ultra powerful mini guns and shotguns.These weapons are fully automatic and auto-fire feature also included in this fps game. Just aim your target, gun will fire automatically, you don’t have to tap every time for shooting. Armed to the teeth and go to the battle! jump into the war zone with army players from around the world, pump your fighter to the maximum power.
We care about every user from every region, now select in game language from wide range of languages. We offered English, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Korean, German, dutch. Just go to settings and select from these languages.
Don’t forget to give us your valuable feedback, so that we can make improvements in the future.

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