Call of Sniper War 2019

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In this beautiful game of call of impossible army sniper world war 2 hero game of 2019. You will get the chance to accompany the Lost soldier on a quest to eliminate the terrorist organization. which is working in forests and deep jungles of South Africa and America to promote drugs and ammunition from Afghanistan.
This terrorist organization got the trained guards and snipers to protect their boundaries and business. Be very careful from the guard dogs and sniper fury heroes. Enjoy the realistic and natural shooting and fighting environment. In this futuristic commando sniper hero battle game the key feature is the lost sniper hero who has to escape the jungle of enemies in order to survive. This makes this commando survival shooting game a unique piece of work. Being the lost survival super hero commando shooter you have to shoot all the enemies from a safe distance and survive through the mission.
There is a reason of providing you different modern commando gun. Your enemy is very smart and knows the whereabouts of your location so be prepared to battle your smart enemy in the battlefield of deep forests and valleys covered with snow. You have to act like the modern sharp command because you have all the modern weapons of sniper. Target the enemy gangsters and shoot them before being spotted by them. Your shooting strategy and foot work of modern shooting sniper can help you survive the battlefield.

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