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Mash the kind mushroom and Periwinkle the funny snail are here! Help them find water disappeared from the forest.
You can be part of their adventure through a trans-media adventure, combining cartoon episodes, interactive cartoons and mini games to be part of a unique and wonderful story!
In each episode Mash and Periwinkle go in several villages whose residents are responsible for the balance of the world. When one of these villages will suffer difficulties, here is that our friends will put their own efforts to restore the balance of nature, with your help. In return, the villagers will lead Mash e Periwinkle to the discovery of the disappeared water with new clues, accompanied always by new friends.
Mom and Dad: for you we have created a specific panel in which you can track the progress of your little ones, according to three types of cognitive skills: Recognition, Coordination, Interaction.
Mash&Co is a trans-media app, a story with a single narrative sequence developed through different contents such as cartoons, interactive cartoons and mini games.

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