Merge Color Plane

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Best Free Click & Idle Merge Planes Game! Beware, it is very addictive.
Merge Color Plane - a new merge game that combine popular merge game and the classic idle game play.
In this game, you unlock new planes via merge the planes to upgrade into a new unique plane.

✈️ Merge, manage, fly and earn money!
A simple but addictive game and airline simulation business on your phone.
Your goal is simple but needs good strategy:
• Enlarge your plane collection by unlocking all our unique colourful planes.
• Earn maximum money and gems to buy planes for merging, plane merger.
• Upgrade your planes to have all our fantastic colourful planes.
• Take control of your parking place and fly track to maximize your earnings.
• Buy, merge and manage your planes so that you can make them fly to earn money!
• Idle gameplay, you can even earn money while you are offline.
• Fortune Wheel to test your luck to win special gems to upgrade your planes.
Have a nice time when you are bored or want a time killer with this Idle Plane game!
Collect all of our great planes and start your airline empire today with - Merge Color Plane Tycoon!

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