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New Magic Piano Tiles - Music Games
Tap the music tile quickly, enjoy the music game, and challenge your tap speed!
Magic Piano Tiles - Music Game is the best piano music game waiting to be played!
This is a FREE music game, containing a rich type of song.
Fade, Canon, Havana, Someone Like You ... or Blue Bird, Secret Base, We are, Unravel ... Fake love, Go Go ... You can find more songs here.
Also, your song, you choose. We have New Weekly Song Events! Suggest your favorite songs and you can see them here next week!
Let's pursue the trend of music games! Just enjoy your rhythm.
Rule of the game:
This is similar to other piano games, you just have to tap the music tile and enjoy the music and the incredible rhythm of the game.
Game features:
- Simple graphics, music tiles that are different from other music games. Easy to play and everyone plays the piano!
- Rhythmic music tiles breathe will challenge the speed limit of your hands!
The top challenge mode with faster music tiles gives you sensation and risk!
- Update many songs, original, classic, anime, pop, and all styles to satisfy different tastes.
- Share your music playing notes with your friends, and compare them to players around the world on the ranking list!
- High quality sound makes you feel like at a concert, more than just playing music.
- Save your progress via a Facebook account and share progress on various devices.
- More challenges, more bonuses and better music games, a better self.
So, get ready and try this music game for free! An interesting online piano that is more challenging than you imagine.
Become a real pianist now! Tap the music tile and catch the trend with this new music game now!
Lovers of free music and music games await you!

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