3D Squishy kawaii toy soft stress release games

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3D Squishy DIY toys kawaii soft stress release games - a popular antistress toys now in your phone. Bad mood? Want to calm your nerves? Here is the simplest antidepressant in the form of an application.
Squishy - squash what is it?
The English word Squishy is possibly derived from - squeeze.
This is an incredibly soothing anti-stress toy in the Japanese style, which is able to undergo incredible "torment" in the form of squeezing with hands, and then quickly restore its original look. They are so pleasant to the touch, soft, resembling non-sticky Marshmallow, and they need to be pressed, squeezed, crushed! It's nice! And then watch how they smoothly take their original shape.
In our simulator you will find real 3D models, in which the physics of depression is close to a real toy. Panda, unicorn, cat burger, ice cream, Cake unicorn, and other toys will reassure you.
Collect coins to unlock the entire squishy toys collection.
To earn coins you need to play with the virtual DIY button, for this you will receive coins, which you can later exchange for your favorite toy.
Relieve stress, calm your nerves, lift your spirits.

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