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- German language only -
New school – new learning! With the learning app ”Math Fit” you’ll easily master the math learning matter in 5th grade.
During classes there is not always enough time to train the new learning matter adequately. You can now do that easily at home or on the road.
With "Math Fit", you can practice and repeat the subject matter you don’t know off pat, yet. That way you reinforce your fundamental math skills and improve your grades specifically and permanently!
Use test questions to find out in which math topics you still need "tuition" and practice the basics with specific exercises. Deepen and consolidate the topics discussed at school and keep track of the math jungle in order to get good grades in the long term.
And if you do not know the solution right away, the "cheat sheet" will help you with the most important rules at a glance, so that the next report card will be a success.
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