PROGRAMMING ZEMI【A programming educational app】

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Ultimate edition of a programming educational app for young elementary schoolers
‐Educational materials developed from programming classes for 1st through 3rd graders
‐Feedback from children and teachers at the class has been reflected in the app
‐Children can learn to think like a programmer just by playing with the app
● Target age
 1st grade and up
● Advantages of the PROGRAMMING ZEMI
・Create programs simply and easily just by connecting blocks!
‐ Our visual programming system enables children to code easily, simply by connecting blocks.
・Self-learning by video from basics to advanced programming
‐Videos shows tips for self-learners to learn skills
・Animate doodles using programming!
‐ Children can animate their own doodles in their program by using the camera to take a photo of their drawing.
・Share work with others
‐ Children can interact with their friends by showing each other their work and adding to their friends' programs.
● Functions
・"New Work"
‐ Animate doodles and photos and create original programs!
・"My Works"
- Gallery of your works. These can also be shared with friends.
‐ Learn programming basics by video. Complete to get rewards and earn more blocks.
・"Put together"
‐ Imagine how blocks will work when they are put together, and figure out how to create more complicated functions by rearranging them.
‐ Put some blocks together to animate characters and solve puzzles. Learn about the process for arranging blocks.
・"Shared works"
‐ Gallery of works shared by others. Children can look at the examples of others when creating their own programs.
● Why should you choose this app?
・Child-friendly interface that allows even young elementary schoolers to easily learn programming skills
・Incorporates feedback from children and teachers at elementary schoools
・Together, the functions of this app cover everything from the basics to advanced programming concepts, and enable children to create their very own programs
● How to use the app
・You can create multiple accounts on one device
・You can limit how long this app can be used in a day
・You can configure sharing settings for each of your works individually

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