Truth or Dare 2 - Spin the Bottle!

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Truth or Dare 2. Meet your friends in the best game for your parties!
NEW! Spin the bottle and enjoy discovering who has to tell the truth or complete the challenge!
The continuation of truth or challenge is back with many new features and more fun than ever!
Choose: Truth or Dare! Will you be the most sincere of your friends responding to the Truths? Or perhaps you will be the most daring with the different Dares? Find out!
Truth: answer the question with sincerity and surprise your friends!
Dare: do the daring and show who is the most daring!
Game modes:
SPIN THE BOTTLE: Spin the bottle and find out who will be the lucky one to complete the dare challenge or tell the truth!
CARDS: Slide right for truth or right for dare! The easiest option
ROLL: spin the roulette wheel and let it decide who will be next!
FAST GAME: Perfect for a quick game with your friends!
Normal: the perfect game to have a good time with your friends.
Mixed: a mixture between normal and hot well varied
Hot: for those who want an extreme level of daring
→4 game modes
→Full and free
→Update often with more questions
→Play in a simple way
→Perfect for drinking game
→Enjoy with your friends completing each dare
→Meet to your friends
→Offline support
→Multiplayer, up to 16 players
→Support for smartphones with notch and tablet
→Genial for couples
→Face your fears
→Modes for kids, teenagers and adults (+18) and from soft to extreme and obscene
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