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The Mathletics app is a student's best companion tool for Mathletics – the world’s leading online mathematics program.
We’ve designed the app to give students the freedom to learn on the go. Students can complete curriculum activities in online or offline mode and track their own progress and improvement.
With the Mathletics app, they can:
· Learn with curriculum activities, activity support, videos, eBooks, My Progress and more!
· Play with Multiverse, Live Mathletics, Play Paws, Rainforest Maths and avatar creator.
· Review their progress with Assessments, any tests you assign your students are now available in the app.
The latest update also sees the addition of a handy QR code login feature, perfect for those serial password forgetters!
To use the Mathletics App, you’ll need a Mathletics login. Haven’t tried it yet? You can start a FREE trial by visiting us at

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