Miga Town: My Pets

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Here you will get a different experience.What pet do you like best? More than 100 kinds of pets are available.Everyone can find their own fun.New stories will start here!
More interesting scenes and self-defined game-play help to create a more wonderful story!
Cabin: It is full of cute animals. You can also re-arrange your favorite pet cabin.
Training ground: A professional training venue is provided to test the skills of animals. You can build a closer relationship with your favorite pets here.
Outdoor: Enjoy a wonderful time outdoors in the mysterious suburban park. Look around and you may find great surprises.
Shop: There are lots of pet products in the shop to meet your daily needs for pet care. The pet restaurant is also very interesting. Try to learn make some food for your pet.
Pet hospital: It is for hatching cool pets and helping sick pets regain their health.
- Role-play in 5 places
- More than 120 animal images
- Play the role of a breeder or doctor, explore more roles
- Take pictures of any role in any scene
- Discover more little surprises and hidden secrets

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