Simulator Police Horse 3D (No-Ads)

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Do you like horse racing games? Or police chase simulators? Well, here you’ll find both games in one! Chase the fugitive criminals, catch them and transfer them to the prison with Police Horse Simulator 3D!
Become a special policeman – brave trooper, police horseman! Chase fugitives and criminals, patrol city blocks and streets and prevent crime activity! Join the Police Riding Forces and have fun!
Ride on the noblest of animals - the police horse! Pushers, prostitutes, robbers, murderers – all of them fill city streets like a living flood. The big city has become a pit of thugs, who needs to be eliminated. Police forces waging war against rising waves of criminal scum, and you can be the savior of this city – a hero, that city needs in. It will not be as easy as you think, because the criminals can be a lot faster than you in their cars, but your horse riding fast too, so you can stop the criminal scum right there!
Use earned money to raise up your horse characteristics, or even to buy a new one - Oldenburg, Westphalian, Holsteiner and other breeds. But to earn money you need to catch criminals, so try to do your best and become the best and luckiest police mounted hunter ever!
So, saddle up your horse and start the chase with Police Horse Simulator 3D game!
Police Horse Simulator 3D features:
Ultimate trooper simulator!
Ride on your horse across the city streets
Complete different missions to capture all criminals
Earn points to buy new horse – it could be Oldenburg, Westphalian or even Holsteiner
Chase the criminals without doubts and mercy!
Be the best police horseman, catch the fugitives without fear and have fun with Police Horse Simulator 3D!

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