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? Video magic Star Maker create a video with slideshow and video star style with your photos, music and animation or stickers. You create Video Stories from images and music with Video Star Maker withMusic.
Video start maker is also the best app video editor, slideshow, video show and music.
You select photo from camera and gallery. Also you arrange the photos in different order with the perfect background, music and animation to create a video of your own.
Video Star Maker with Music application through you to create Image Slideshow from your mobile, gives seconds, with slide time, frames and filters, texture add new and different sticker’seffects.
Video Star Maker is just a video editing tool. you can do anything without internet or 3G. But if you want to share video show on Instagram , you our video photo will get a chance to be faeture andshown in feature list
? Custom Designed Video Filters
- Add moving effects like lens flares, light leaks, video effects and light overlays with our dynamic filters, to make each video stand out
? Music slideshow & Soundtracks
- Choose from our extensive library or use a song from your own iTunes library
- Set the music to override your video’s audio or mix with your video’s audio
?Video slideshow WITH PHOTO, MUSIC & VOICE
- Voice editor lets you add your voice – or anyone else’s – to your videos
- Video Stars support voice and custom soundtrack capabilities
- Boost audio volume
- Final say over your soundtrack. Add custom music, voice and more
- Video Stars support add your favourite music. Even you can record your own voice!
- Material shop. 500+ cute stickers and themes free download!
- Video slideshow with photo and record
- Add music to video show
- Slideshow maker after edit photo and video
- Merge video and photo to create slideshow or movie maker
Feature for Video Star Editor - Video Star Maker – Video Slideshow
? Video maker of photos with song: Allows you to choose multiple images at once, or choose photo video show with music at once
? Photo Video Star Maker with Music
? Add other details to picture slideshow with music such as Sticker / Image / Text or insert a recording into the video. You can change the duration of the video, the length of the image.
? Photo to Video Maker
? Video graphy, photography: I can choose images from your library or taking pictures of memorable moments to create video picture with my own music or video show with my own music for android
? Add your favorite music to video or you can choose our available music or record your voice
? Slideshow Maker
? Create Intro video for youtube
? Video show add wonderful filters or stunning effects to make your video professional than ever
? Photo Video Editor & Maker
? You can preview video, adjust the order of photos, change focus, replace the image, add / change music, or edit caption on the happy birthday video show with music.
? Photo and Video Editor
? Projector Slide Show
? Crop video star: This feature enables you to cut one video into smaller videos and have wonderful moment in certain slideshow with music and pictures and videos
? Intro Maker for youtube
? Photo Booth and Funny Effects Video
? Extract music from video: This feature is useful when you want to find good music and extract music from video
? Mega Photo for Video and Picture to make video show
? Add Sticker to Video: We have a lot of free stickers and funny icons in video creator photo slide with music
? Photo to Video Converter
? Video star maker supports add text to video
? Photo Slide Show Maker
? If you love our best app to add music to videos and editor photo make video with songs, do not forget to rate 5*

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