Jungle Kong Run

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In journey Jungle Monkey game Monkey run, your favorite banana monkey returns for even more action in the jungle super adventure. While you dash through the jungle you'll be able to outrun your enemies. Get more high scores and unlock achievements and improve your journey game play.
Game Features
★ Explore over 40 levels of jumpy madness in the jungle of Monkey run.
★ A fun and physical game (swing your monkey jump from one rope to another and collect monkey banana)
★ Stomp evil snails, avoid bad hedgehogs, smash bricks, shoot from barrels avoid spikes, use monkey kong and more!
★ A journey game the rapid pace of Monkey run
★ An amazing music with a theme of the jungle and sounds funny banana in Jungle Monkey
How to play
- Let the monkey kong play into the jungle and break the rocks by collecting banana monkey or monkey jump over them, they will kill you if you touch them. Get the magnet item to collect a lot of monkey banana, but be careful some grounds are tricky. Enter the super adventure, unlock new worlds, banana monkey get a cool superpower skill and beat'em up in this monkey run quest!
Remember, this journey game might become harder than it looks. Get this monkey jump and let play the journey game!
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