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Beauty Salon. Makeup, Hair Cut and Dress Up Games

发行商: GDRStudio Free Games
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Ready for one of the most stylish games for little girls and games for boys? Introduce your dolls with the world of fashion. Perfect make up and comfortable shoes will help to complement the outfit. Fashion girls will enjoy our free games for girls, because they have nice graphics, a lot of clothes, and it perfectly for any age. It's time to show all your creative skills!
Your doll baby can not wait to try on fashion look from our makeup and dressup games. But she does not understand anything about beauty trends and counting on your advice. Any lol girls knows that the perfect look takes effort. Therefore, each level of the fashion designer games for free will be a challenge - you will have to carefully choose makeup girls, fashion clothes, shoes and accessories. Prove to everyone that you are a real fashion icon!
All fashion girl in the fashion world will appreciate the level of look change. Millions of different types of clothing make it possible to make absolutely any look. There are babies dress of different lengths, skirts, pants and modern jeans, strict blouses of different styles, shoes and even accessories. Do you know what is fashion show in trend this season?
At the level with hair dresser you are waiting for only the most fashionable and stylish haircut games. Cut the bangs, make a ponytail hair style games or make chic curls. Here you can find lol suprise dolls of different appearance and nationality, so that you have more models for fashion games for girls experiments. Do you want to dye the hair design of the doll's hair in purple? You are welcome! Only you decide what your little fashion diva will look like.
The fashion makeup games for girls includes products such as lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil and so on. Now fashion designer don't need to go to the dolls makeup designer courses, because everything that lol toys need, we have added to this l o l surprise game. Experiment with bright colors, colorful shadows and sparkling lipsticks. Try on lol doll your favorite makeup! Who else needs these blush?


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