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Be the cupcake baker you always wanted to be and make your own cupcakes like a true baker. With this cooking game you'll get to use kitchen appliances, such as the mixer and the oven, just like a professional baker and cook colorful cupcakes by mixing the ingredients, adding the food dye, preparing your cake pans, cook your cupcakes in your very own oven, and do not forget to be creative and use your imagination to decorate your cupcake with so many toppings, icings and colorful decorations !

This cooking game gives you ultimate baking experience from baking cupcakes to decorating, there is everything you may need to become the best cupcake baker, its most fun and creative game without the dangers of real life baking ! so take on the best cooking game today and show off your skills in the kitchen and make most beautiful cupcakes.
When you get to the kitchen, you'll Take out all of the ingredients. add flour, sugar, chocolate, egg, baking soda, oil and water, and mix everything carefully for dough preparation using a kitchen mixer. then you must prepare the tray, so place the cups in the muffin tray which contain 3 colored cups paper and fill it with cupcakes mixture and put it in a hot oven and wait for a couple of minutes while your sweet dessert bakes and don't forget that you need to follow the recipe carefully in this cooking game.
When they are done baking, get ready to decorate with lots of items such as cream tops, sprinkles, sweet candy, sprinkles, cherries, wafer rolls, fresh fruits, beautiful cupcake liners and so many hearts shapes. you have more choices, choose the favorite combination for a cupcake to suit your taste and to make your super cupcake special.
What are you waiting for? Download this best making, decorating and baking cupcakes game right now and have fun!
this cake game lets you bake cupcakes from scratch, so put your baking skills to the test and make some cupcakes, mix up the batter and when it’s ready, pour the mixture into cupcake pans then bake it and finally decorate it.
So Let's start this adventure and discover a whole world of cooking fun while designing cupcakes and do your best while cooking the most delicious and colorful cupcake now.

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