Stick Fight 2

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Welcome to Stick Fight!
Hordes of the drawn little men, wave behind a wave, try to subdue you, expecting your first mistake. You as the elected drawn little man, has to defeat them ruthlessly. Nobody knows why the electee – you or why these drawn idiots run to you only in order that you filled their sensitive drawn places.
In your arsenal whole lot of various weapon. Choose any and in fight! Defeat enemies, open new tools and develop them. Change the drawn little man according to the style, using various colors, hats, bracelets and tools of fight.
Test the abilities in the new mode of game of survival. To these drawn little men will never bother to receive from you punches, bruises and fractures. Believe, they will attack you again and again. At the end of every day the best players will receive special awards depending on their place on an honor roll!
The new mode of a duel suggests you to test the abilities in beating of people of your level. At the end of every day the best of the best will receive special awards!
* Fascinating, prompt, arcadian game-fayting
* Infinite arcadian mode of game of survival
* The mode of game of survival adapts under your level for bigger pleasure from a game.
* The arcadian mode of multiplayer game unites in a game of several players.
* The Fayting is based on fast reaction.
* Daily awards according to your place on an honor roll.
* Weekly awards according to your level in the arcadian mode of a duel.
* Daily and weekly updating of an honor roll.
* Strict algorithms which will not allow to deceive and increase to themselves points.

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