Guess the Cat - Cats Photo Quiz

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Guess the cat - photo quiz about cats.
Guess she-cat or he-cat on the photo.
You need to guess boy or girl from the pictures of cats and kittens.
We have prepared for you a cats photos and we suggest you guess male cat or female cat in the cats photo.
Guess who's on the photo? Is this cat - boy or girl? Cats photo quiz for you!
Animals pictures of cats will help you! Enjoy game about cats!
You have to guess boy or girl on the picture in 10 seconds or you will lose.
You have 3 attempts, guess as many cats as possible in cats photo quiz.
We wish you good luck! Let your intuition help you make the right choice!
No animals were harmed in the making of this app.
Please share this animals game if you like it!
All the pictures for "guess the cat" were taken from the site and have CC0 license.
Music for "cats photo quiz" from the site and have CC0 license.

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