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SmartAerial PANO

发行商: DRONE HORIZON Technology
价格: 13.47 USD


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SmartAerial PANO is a professional application for DJI Drones dedicated to the aerial panorama in gigapixel resolution, empowering drone pilots to capture aerial panoramic photographies autonomously in ultra high quality.
It allows a giga-panorama photography (i.e closed to or above 1 GigaPixel resolution) using your DJI Inspire / Matrice drone and its dedicated zoom lens, capturing multiples images automaticaly.
Key features include predefined and calibrated templates to apply to the automatic capture process. By default, the template are designed for the DJI Zenmuse X5(s) zenmuse with 45mm optical lens. It allows a large assembled final picture image with 120° or 180° Horizontal Field of View for 30 to 60 of individual photography. Others templates are available to support the other DJI gimbals and cameras like the Zenuse X7 or other specific size format.
Additional features:
- Optimized overlapping focused on quality result and geometric aberration suppression
- Compatible with XML optimized stitching
- Ability to pause and resume capture for live camera setting adjustements
- Built-in compass for better initial camera positionning
- Pre-check Field of View during the fly
- Panorama preview available after each capture (for X5s, X7 gimbals only)
- 2 methods to capture panorama: Aircraft or Gimbal Yaw rotation
- Automatic capture in JPG or Raw format
SmartAerial PANO is perfect for ultra high definition images across artistic photography, digital high resolution images or printing services.
Supported aircrafts:
Inspire 1 Pro or Matrice 100 with original X5 gimbal and a 25mm, 45mm or 100mm camera lens*
Inspire 2 / Matrice 200 - 210 with X5s gimbal and a 25mm, 45mm or 100mm camera lens*
Inspire 2 with X7 Gimbal and DL 50mm lens
* 45mm supported lens is provided by default with SmartAerial PANO App. Additional lens are supported by uploading corresponding template from or modifying existing template.
* Osmo X5 gimbal mounted on Inspire 1 is NOT supported.
Supported Android version: from 5.0 (Lollipop) to 9 (Pie).
DJI CrystalSky supported (with Amazon App Store)


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