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Stream live TV and On Demand content with VMedia’s TV app. VMedia’s TV app gives you TV the way you want it.
Watch all the major networks; CBC, Global, CTV, CityTV, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, plus all favourite specialty channels, including: A&E, Bravo, Crave, CNN, Food Network, HBO, HGTV, Sportsnet, TSN, W, Slice, and many more. Enjoy top-rated series, exciting sports, breaking news and so much more. Over 400 channels to choose from.
VMedia’s TV app comes loaded with all of your favourite VMedia TV features, including our innovative 7-day ‘scroll back’ VCloud platform, sleek TV Guide, and large Video on Demand library. Time to free yourself from traditional TV set top boxes and get the VMedia TV App.
In addition, VMedia offers easy online sign up, no contracts, and no cancellation fees. VMedia TV - More Content. More Entertainment.
• Available to VMedia TV subscribers across Canada
• Your VMedia ‘My Account’ user name and password

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