Escape from Ayuwoki

发行商: Like Gaming
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You are inside a mansion with hidden passages, tunnels. This creepy house has several floors. Minutes with horror and excitement await you. You are lost in the deep black darkness and trying to find a way out. You must use your courage and go without fear. Wherever you look, there is fear, because at any moment you can find Jackson.
The game is simple - you have to escape from the mansion by finding the key to open the main gate (red). The key could be anywhere in the house, so you have to find it. Also be aware of "Ayuwoki"... He hears you. To avoid it, you can hide inside furniture, behind objects or under tables. Anyway, inside the game there is a pop - up window with instructions.
Disclaimer: this game is inspired solely by a meme that has gained popularity under the name "AYUWOKI", which is at the same time a meme inspired by an animator figure. We do not joke about anyone or try to damage the public image of any person or organization with this short game. However, it's just a horror game inspired by the meme, and nothing more. If you give any other meaning to this game, it's entirely up to you.

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