Merge Cats: Idle Tycoon!

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Become a tycoon by starting business with cats’ race in a mine. There are no place for idle cats, only energetic and sporty cats, which came through evolution are allowed. Let your cats run in this meow clicker game and let them turn you into a tycoon. Each time your kitten completes a lap it will bring you some money. Spend your money to buy new cats or on evolution of old ones and earn more money. Merge your cats into cat of more luxury breed, who will run faster and bring you more money. Find out what life of tycoon is in our new meow clicker simulator. Let your kittens bring you all money from this mine, merge them, watch their evolution and earn so much money that you will not be able to count. Idle cats will not bring you any money, so put your energetic kittens into themine and merge them to watch their evolution and increase your fortune. Become an idle tycoon in our new meow clicker simulator: Merge Cats: Idle Tycoon!
In this meow clicker simulator, you have one simple target: Become the richest tycoon in the mine. You have a usual cat of no breed. Put it into a mine to earn some money. Each time your kittens complete the lap in mine you will earn money. Spend money to buy new cats. You can merge your cats to run the process of evolution and create new kitten of more luxury breed, which will bring you more money. Invade this meow mine with your kittens and let them make a meow run. Sometimes we will drop you a meow box to you. You can find new kittens to merge in this meow box. Share this game with your friends and find out who will become an idle tycoon faster. Show everyone that your cats will bring you billions. Become an idle tycoon in our meow clicker simulator.
Merge Cats: Idle Tycoon! is a free to play meow clicker simulator. Become an idle tycoon in our game. There is no place for idle cats in the mine of our simulator. So merge your energetic kittens watch their evolution and put them into the mine. Put that many cats, that they will bring you billions in a second. Show everyone that you are the richest idle tycoon here. Call your friends and play together. Find out whose cats will have the loudest meow. How many energetic kittens could be placed inside this mine? Being an idle tycoon is not difficult, so merge your cats and put them inside the mine in our new meow clicker simulator.

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