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Orisons of Fate: Indie Offline RPG

发行商: Breithander OÜ
价格: 2.49 USD


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▶ EARLY-ACCESS Pass (Special down from $4.99) !!
Play our character and story driven indie old-school RPG adventure game. A fantasy role-playing game inspired by the best C-RPG, J-RPG and roguelike classics! Fully offline playable premium version. Get the game for less now, enjoy developer features and free updates!
■ Write your own story
See how the story unfolds. Enjoy people with different characters and moods from grumpy guard on nightshift to friendly villagers. Get to know them and help them out. Subtle hints, bits and pieces will be revealed though people you can talk to, places you go to and quests you complete.
■ Travel a bright open world
Travel an open world that combines bright and colorful pre-rendered and hand-painted zooming and scrolling backgrounds. Walk any direction. Don't drain your battery and enjoy a fluid open world without having the fastest device. Horizontal display mode makes sure your screen will give you more eye sight. Explore dungeons, help out lost adventurers and survive unexpected ambushes.
■ Survive darkest dungeons
Be roguelike, find and trade items, weapons and armor. Prepare your characters for battle by equipping them. Crawl deep and dark dungeons where no one will hear you scream, ever! Gain experience points from battle. Have a roguelike experience and level-up. Then heal your characters to be prepared for the next battle in the depths of the darkest dungeons.
■ Fight turn-based battles
In battle your characters will take quick turns based on their initiative stats. You can let your characters choose their own automatic action. Let them decide what to do each turn based on their equipped items and their archtype. Or you can decide yourself what's best to do: Attack, heal, evade or guard as best as you can.
■ Enjoy comfortable controls
Have a firm but easy grip on your controls. Horizontal display mode switches your phone or tablet into a mobile console. Enjoy the most comfortable and hardcore-gamer approved swipe-anywhere gamepad-emulation motion-control. Place your thumb anywhere on the game-screen and you're good to go.
■ Have a portable user experience
The user interface is thought and laid out for a good and consistent user experience across a wide range of devices. You can find and select what you want with ease. Everything scales to fit the size of your device's screen just as it should be.
■ Get your Early-Access Pass
Get the full version now and get further free updates for the premium edition. Co-direct the development with your comments or just enjoy it evolve. Get more storylines along with loot, new dungeons and monsters. Be among the exclusive base of players who will get the full premium edition for less.
Don't wait for the price to rise, join our adventure, get your Early-Access Pass now!
© 2019-2020 Breithander OÜ, indie developer


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