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Ad-free learning for kids!
Wouldn’t you LOVE to inspire your child with a passion for learning that will last a lifetime?
You can do it RIGHT HERE today with SPARKLE MATCH LETTERS! Match letters to activate SPARKLES.
Does your child love letters? Or maybe they want to learn for the first time. This app is for your little one.
Letters will appear on the screen, and you’ll drag and drop each into its match. A happy fireworks display will sprinkle from each letter you get correct!
Do you want to improve your child’s test scores? Does your child not like rote memorization?
We want your child to have fun and learn a few things in the app, not sell them some in-app purchases or consumables. You as a parent can put your mind at ease that we’re not trying to advertise to your kids. Our mission is to help kids learn the most with the least amount of frustration.
From the creators of educational apps like Escape Code and puzzle games like Remember, Lights Out, Mammoth Interactive uses years of developer experience to make education FUN!
Become smarter every day!
Get ahead of school
Perfect for homeschool or your little genius
Classic drag and drop action!
There may come a time when you will lose it all. But the one thing no one can ever take away from you is what you know. Parents who show kids that learning is fun will reap the rewards down the line when their kids thrive off success in school and learn to value power they have within them.
Play today and learn forever!
DISCLAIMER: This app has flashing lights to simulate fireworks, so if you or your child cannot watch flashes, please don’t buy this app.

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