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HealthFactors allows you to monitor and establish trends on charts (graphs) for these measurable health factors:
Blood pressure
Blood sugar
+ up to 3 user defined factors
When entering data for a specific date, multiple additional data can be added for the date such as text notes, website links, photographs and documents.
This additional data can be set to display on all charts for the specific date or only on the health factor chart.
This data can be displayed from the charts and can be used to establish if something is working or not.
For example if you started a diet on a particular date you could enter a note to indicate what diet was started on that date along with a website link to information pertaining to the diet or even a photograph of a diet book front cover perhaps.
The trend indicated on the chart will then show if it is working or not.
The charts (graphs) are the health factor on the Y-axis (vertical) and date on the X-axis (horizontal).
Chart features:
The actual values curve.
A statistical monthly average curve.
A best fit line for the displayed range.
Horizontal (dates) zoom and shift.
Displays in portrait or landscape orientation.
Information box.
Current trend arrow (up, level or down) for the end of the displayed monthly average curve based on the current displayed range.
Data links on specific dates to text notes, website links, photographs and/or documents.
Display data link on all charts or just health factor specific chart.
Weight health factor has a BMI (body mass index) calculation and indicates a target weight to be within the healthy range.
Various unit preferences are available.
Unit settings for weight can be stones, pounds, kilograms or grams.
Unit settings for length can be metres, centimetres, millimetres, feet or inches.
Unit settings for blood sugar can be mmol/L or mg/dL.
Unit settings for cholesterol can be mmol/L or mg/dL.
Values are entered manually, no interface to any measuring devices is currently available.

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