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My Baby Unicorn & Panda Care - Kids Pet Games

发行商: Beansprites LLC
价格: 免费


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My Baby Unicorn & Panda Care: Kids Pets Games is entertaining and hilarious!
Take care of Baby Unicorn & Baby Panda in a set of fun minigames that will delight the whole family!
Start your day off with breakfast! Feed Baby Unicorn & Panda some yummy breakfast treats like Rainbow Cereal, Watermelon, Donuts, Candy and more!
Let's try potty training your Unicorn & Panda! Hand them the newspaper while they sit on the toilet to go poop! Once they're done, flush and wash hands for good hygiene!
Let's head over to the beach, and play a fun game of ball, sand castles, guitar and drums! Toot the horn, and play a set of mini-games to have a fun break on the beach!
Let's stop off at the Supermarket with Mommy to pick up some delicious treats! Shop for cakes, cookies, milk, and even pick up some toys!
Head home and straight into a warm, bubbly bath! Play with bath toys, scrub with bubbles, and finish off with a good rinse!
It's been a long day and it's time for bed! Play a magical lullaby song and watch your Baby Panda & Unicorn drift off to sleep for night night!
Wake up and start the day again!
My Baby Unicorn & Panda is tons of fun for the entire family, and is a polished game full of entertaining sounds and music that will delight players of all ages!


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