Sawmill Driver Simulator 2019

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Get ready for challenging sawmill missions. Even if you can't drive in real life, you can drive a truck in the Sawmill Driver Simulator 3D. Do various tasks and enjoy the sawmill atmosphere. Try to do men's job in the forest, race your truck and be accurate! These logging guys don't like waiting for cargo. Use a navigation map to find a destination point. Race and explore offroad terrains with mud, hills and other obstacles. Drive like a professional tow truck, logging truck and harvester truck driver with our simulator.
Features of Sawmill Driver Simulator 3D:
- Many interesting missions
- Powerful sawmill trucks
- Offroad terrain simulator
- Different drive controllers
- Forest locations
- Great 3D graphics
- Sawmill sounds
It is not easy simulator. Learn how to saw and drive in any situations.
Do you like cargo games and offroad terrains as much as we do? So, it is time to try our Sawmill Driver Simulator 3D. Race to feel the power of sawmill trucks. Drive without roads, climb hills, fight with forest. A great simulator for real men!
Jump to the cabin of a tow truck, logging truck or harvester and become a professional sawmill driver!
What will you do?
Deal with different offroad vehicles;
Saw trees with forest harvester;
Load and unload timber truck with logs;
Drive your cargo to the sawmill;
Tow other trucks from mud;
Explore the forest roads;
Test the power of big trucks with the simulator:
- Forest Harvester -
Drive the truck and saw big trees.
- Logging Truck -
Drive fast and carefully and never lose your cargo in the big forest.
- Tow Truck -
Rescue big trucks from mud with your evacuator.
Saw trees and find safe roads to deliver your timber cargo. Fight with rough terrain. Test the power of truck and deep into the sawmill atmosphere. It is not easy simulator! Try to drive as fast as you can and don't lose your timber cargo.
Feel like a real sawmill worker! Deal with your timber cargo and be accurate, other workers need logs. Test your driving skills with the simulator. Complete interesting missions and enjoy the offroad atmosphere.
Try our Sawmill Driver Simulator 3D.
Meet with the real sawmill work!

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