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2 Player Reactor Fight

发行商: BrightDream Apps
价格: 50.00 USD


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It’s time to find out who is the quickest and deftest! Test your fingers in a new totally addictive game 2 Player Reactor Fight! Start a mortal fight with your friend or train your skills playing against computer: but be sure that both ways are absolutely fun and amazing!
2 Player Reactor Fight includes two great board games – table football and table ice hockey. Become an ultimate champion in both games and prove that you are the quickest and smartest among your friends. 2 Player Reactor Fight is a great party fun – just draw out your tablet and you will make even fed up people excited! Don’t hesitate and play this amusing arcade!
HOW TO PLAY: Choose a game mode: remember, you can enjoy this captivating game with your friend; and start a tussle loom! Your objective is the same as in a table game – you must shoot a goal and don’t let your opponent to score. Tap the screen to move your figures! Have fun and good luck!
2 Player Reactor Fight is your gate to the world full of fun and challenge! Join this marvellous arcade and don’t miss all the fun!


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