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Noodleman Gang Fight is a totally fun and popular multiplayer action game. Accurate human physics simulation makes the game unique. Battle with the real online players just like the beasts. Try to survive in the gang fighting party and be the last one standing in the arena. Once you are thrown out, you will fall flat.
Main Game Features
- Fun and accurate physics simulator.
- Stickman like character.
- Beasts like fighting style.
- Top1 time killer games.
- Fast match in multiplayer.
- Compete with real players.
- Great party games, play with your friends.
- Max players number: 8.
- Pixel style low polygon scene.
Fight Controls
We offer two modes of controls: one simple and one complex.
Simple one action: Grab, Lift, Attack, Head Attack.
Complex one action: Left Grab, Right Grab, Left Lift, Right Lift, Attack, Head Attack, Grovel.
In addition to the above actions, the game also supports a combination of multiple actions.
Wish you have a wonderful game time & win the world's top 1 honor.

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