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mario jump, a totally new 2019 old school adventure game, will surprise you with the greatest adventure of mario to the Wonderland!!
mario jump will lead you step back in time to your childhood with the legendary mission: Princess Rescue. Your task is helping mario fight all ugly monsters through different islands to save the beautiful Princess at the final destination.
Let's have a look at what awaits for you in our classic mario Go Game:
- 7 Iconic Islands and 140 levels (updating)
- 7 Fierce Bosses to defeat to move to the next islands
- Cool control like in the old time
To pass such difficult levels, you should seek the help from 3 types of powerful items hidden in the bricks or using your collected coins to buy.
- "Grow-up" drink to get bigger.
- "Fire" drink to throw bomb at the monsters.
- "Shield" drink that will protect mario in a limited amount of time.
Do not hesitate and Join one of the most interesting adventure ever with mario jump.
Fight the monsters - Break all records – And most important: SAVE THE PRINCESS
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