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FreeTime lets you create a customized and personalized experience for your kids. You get easy-to-use parental controls to set age filters, bed time, daily time limits, and more. You can also share content including purchased TV shows, movies, and downloaded apps. Plus, with a FreeTime Unlimited subscription, kids enjoy access to thousands of premium movies and TV shows.
FreeTime Unlimited starts at just $2.99 per month for Prime members and the same subscription can be used across any compatible device to access even more kid-friendly content. This includes age-appropriate books, Audible books, Alexa Skills, videos, educational apps, and games, available on Fire tablets, compatible iOS and Android devices, and select Echo and Fire TV devices. The FreeTime Unlimited experience will vary based on device. All of the content is kid-friendly and hand-selected by the Amazon FreeTime team. Visit for more information.

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