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Globo Word is an excellent way to kill the time and reveal your vocabulary.
Relax and grow your creativity and lexicon by finding hidden words.
Try your best to unlock thousands of levels full of wordgrids.
How to play in Globo Word:
- Swipe the letters to form words to fill up the blanks on the down crossword board.
- Hidden words in each grid have a common theme and order listed below.
- If you stuck and even can’t connect the letters,so it seems like you have solved the words in the wrong order.
In that case reload level and try to solve the matrix in a another order.
- As the levels increase, the complexity and the number of words increase, too
- Use hints to open words letter by letter.
Awesome features Globo Word:
- everyday spin roulette, where you can win bonus hints
- simple controls and addictive gameplay
- classic, modern, oldschool and slang words in database
- thoroughly composed word-matrix
- helps keep your mind sharp during the day
Download and enjoy Globo Word for free!

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