CW Morse Code Practice Oscillator Horizontal Lever

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Practice sending International Morse code with this straight horizontal lever CW Morse code practice oscillator app for Android smartphones and tablets.
This Morse code practice oscillator translates International Morse code into Latin letters, Arabic numerals, punctuation and CW prosigns in real time as you practice.
Practice sending Morse code with a straight horizontal lever oscillator. Settings include WPM, show/hide Morse code/text, choose sidetone 400Hz-800Hz. Adjust the WPM so that you can produce well formed DITs and DAHs at a comfortable speed.
Press and hold the Clear Code/Text button to adjust CW and Text label font sizes.
You may use a real straight key or iambic keyer and paddle with this app by connecting it to your Android device via an easily modified USB mouse.
This app may be of interest to amateur ham radio QRP and QRO operators and CW or telegraph enthusiasts.

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