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ow the clicker works?
the clicker training works based on classical conditioning (pavlov). This stimulate your dog to perform a response in order to be rewarded with dog treats when hearing the clicker sound.
clickers are a fun stimulus to encourage dog obedience and change how your dogs behave. In order to use the app effectively during dog training , you should follow the step-by-step trick guide included on the app.
How the stop barking and pooping works?
this app generate various ultrasound frequencies that Dogs hear very well,so it affect their behavior,causing them to immediately stop their actions,and try to look for the whistle sound source.
Featurs of Train My Dog:
- stop your neighbor dog from pooping!
- train your dog to do tricks!
- manage your dog behavior!
- stop your dog and your neighbor dog from barking!
- call your dog using dog whistle
- train your dog to do cool tricks by training it
- change your dog behavior
- stop your own dog
- dog clicker - dog whistle

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