Impossible - The Official BBC Quiz Game

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Rick Edwards challenges you to take on a series of fun-packed rounds from the hit BBC quiz show Impossible!
Brought to you by the developers of the chart-topping Tipping Point and The Chase, Impossible is our mightiest quiz app yet!
Featuring all four exciting rounds from the show:
• The Qualifier
• The Grid
• The Final
• The Endgame
Packed with loads of amazing features, including:
• A fantastic running commentary by Rick Edwards
• Thousands of entertaining questions from the actual show
• Play against up to 20 other players on Facebook at the same time
• Brand new Quick Game and Local Multiplayer modes
• Packed with fun facts from Rick
• Spoken questions and answers by your device
• Optional Music, Sport, and TV & Film packs to purchase
Have you got what it takes to beat the £10,000 Question?
We hope you love the Official Impossible app and consider leaving us a 5-star review. If not, please let us know what we can do better at or from within the app.

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