Doggy Doctor (No Ads)

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Take care of the sick dogs to make them all better again. The more dogs you heal the better your dog hospital will become. Learn new techniques and take care of more sick patients. This game is for boys and girls of all ages & will teach you how to care for your dogs!
This is a great game for all the little kids out there wishing to become a pet vet in the future. The little dogs are all in need of a doctor to help them feel better again! Treat all kinds of injuries and sicknesses, from a fever to cutes and bites all the way to broken bones & ear aches! Heal & take care of all of the little dogs & make them feel better!
This pet vet game is fun, educational and very interactive. There are many different sicknesses to fix as the head pet doctor in your very own hospital. The more sicknesses you cure the better your hospital becomes & the more things you can do. More dogs with different sicknesses will come to you as you level up.
Apply sprays, ointments, use medical equipment such as X-ray machines, tweezers, fix teeth, & much more. Great for our little future veterinarians!
Things to cure for dogs:
⭐ Fever – Help your dog patients by taking their temperature and making them feel better
⭐ Ear Infection – Use a flashlight & kill the bacteria living inside the dog's ear
⭐ Thorns – Remove thorns with real veterinary equipment, spray ticks & apply ointments
⭐Sore Throat – Spray the bacteria living on the dog's throat & cure their sickness
⭐ Cuts – Heal the dogs cuts by stitching them up
⭐ Bites – Produce a potion to treat dogs
⭐ Stomach Ache – Make the dog's stomach feel better & feed them delicious food
⭐ Broken Bones – In this pet vet game you are also able to fix the bones of each dog by piecing them together. Look at their bones with an X-Ray and determine which bone goes where.
Toothache – The cute little pet dog patient has cavities! Fix the dog's teeth by drilling a hole in the tooth & giving the dog a filling!
⭐⭐Collect Stars to unlock new pet hospitals and widen your range of what dogs you can cure! ⭐⭐
In this surgeon pet game you will feel like a real vet while curing the pet dogs!

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