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Selected feature films and programs for the ultimate in entertainment - now for free and on demand in the new TELE 5 catch-up library on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.
Each day you'll find our full-length feature film highlights in the 7-day review. What else?
• New episodes of our Star Trek series & Star Trek insider knowledge
• SchleFaZ films & SchleFaZ bonus clips
• The classics by Kalkofe's Mattscheibe
• Many more series highlights & in-house productions
Simply put, your full access to our TV program.
Dive through our menu into the wonderful categories of feature films, series and "Dein TELE 5". Entertainment guaranteed!
In order not to miss any of our highlights, you can always keep an eye on our current program via the menu item "TV Program". Have you ever missed a show? Then watch the highlights of the TELE 5 program 7 days after the broadcast for free in the repetition. We make television, because we love it. We make program because we feel it. Different is better, TELE 5.
Films, series, entertainment - Download for free now!
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