Slenderman Video call

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Slender man's video calls simulator is an app that simulate fake incoming calls and video calls, and a simulation of conversations with the scary character slander Man's, with his voice played on the background and from his horror wear about (in case of a live video call). So by a simple click you can live the scariest experiment of talking to slenderman, it's an easy app to use in the purpose of entertaining yourself, or if you want to prank your friends and family and see their hilarious reactions, the calls looks so realistic and they will believe they are really talking with slanderMan.
- Run the application normally.
- set the call .
- scary slenderMan's voices will be played when you answer the call .
- a video of slender Man's will be played when you answer the call .
- Realistic feeling of talking with the horror character thanks to the interface.
- live video calls.
- It's a Easy app to use.
- Possibility for you or your friends to accept or reject the call.
- Cool and friendly Design.
- Possibility to share the app with friends.

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