Evil Neighbor Child Escape : Hello Evil Grandpa Spooky Game 3D

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Peter and Alex both walk into the scary neighbor house that was a serial killer who prowled at night. On the way floor cracks and Peter falls down to the basement in this Evil Child Survival adventure game. This is very unique horror game for kids. In this childs play Alex fined his way to the basement to help out Peter, as he was looking for his best friend dwarfs capture the Alex in ultimate mission. Peter is stuck in the basement trying to find a way to get out but this place is very dark against serial killers in this spooky game, there he finds matchbox, stick and cloth in Evil Child Survival Game.
He fire torch for some light and find a family portrait in this horror game. In this scary game basement Peter find a newspaper and read the article about two missing persons. He was in searching of more thing find the dead bodies of neighbor wife and child victims of murders, that moment torch was dropped. The fire torch was flickering and damaged basement is very dark find the power source turn on the light of basement and get out of kids danger. Meanwhile ruthless neighbor comes to the basement due to noise he order dwarfs to check the rooms scary haunted house game.
Keep you self away in this child's play from dwarfs and serial killer neighbor and escape safely from the basement in evil child survival game. Find the stairs spooky games to go up lights are flickering they might get off soon. Be quick get rid of serial killers dwarfs and ghosts in the corridor and find the safer exit as evil child survival scary games. Found the door successfully but its locked you have to found three emblems to open that door in this Evil Child Survival fantasy of horror survival missions. Download now and dare to play this best scary neighbor house game of 2019!

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