Guess the Footballer of FIFA 2020

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A football game with 40+ levels, can you guess the footballer from the image?
Guess Football Players is a football quiz which ask you to guess name of footballer using football player's picture.
Can you guess all football player's name within this football quiz including stars who participate in the football Champions League 2019/2020.
If you can't recognize a football player's name, don't worry!
- You have hints as credit to get clues even answer the question.
- Every you pass a few levels, you will get more hints.
- Fortunately, if you lack of hints, you can get another by watching a tasks .
The game contains 6 stages with more than 200 football players to guessed and will be updated periodically! (Check Hazard in Real Madrid !!!)
Fans! Prove your knowledge of football/soccer player by playing this football/soccer quiz guessing game including football player in the World Cup 2020 edition. Good luck! Cheers!
You could be waiting for:
- Hazard (Real Madrid)
- Messi (Barcelona)
- Neymar (PSG)
- Ronaldo (Juventus)
And other popular footballers from FIFA 2020 and PES 2020!

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