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call santa claus - call from santa christmas prank :
This Christmas, amazing your little one by requesting a free personalized phone call from Santa Claus!
Make your little one happy and connect to Santa Claus from North Pole.
Merry Christmas 2020 !
This app has several amazing features:
- Real voice of Santa Claus
- Request call from Santa Claus
- Call from Santa Claus
- live call from santa claus
Gift Game :
Bounce your way out of unforgiving levels arranged in multiple rooms and capture the star. Each room has its own atmosphere and obstacle pattern. No two rooms are the same.
Will you make it to the last level and discover every room?
- A new gameplay twist to the casual platformer genre
- Easy to pick one-touch controls
- 50 levels & 167 rooms to beat
- Many ball skins to unlock

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