Party Mixer 3D

发行商: Groove Vibes
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Check out this brand new Party Mixer 3D and become a real dj master! Powerful dj mix maker in 3D edition. With this app you have no need in expensive dj mixer software or difficult dj player table with a lot of functions that you don't understand. Music creation never was easy! HOW TO PLAY: Tap on the pads to produce a sound and compose lead part of your music track. Don't forget to use snare, hat, kick, clap, sound fx effects for perfect sounding. Add scratch using two turntables. Use sliders to set adjust volume and pitch. With this designed in 3D fantastic DJ table you can become a real dj player! Don't miss your chance to be the best dj player without any efforts using Party Mixer 3D. Perfect music choice for real music lovers!

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