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"Cute Slime Wallpaper" for PRO is the best of all home screen games for girls! Spend hours with relaxing slime backgrounds for your phone. Tap to leave your traces in the screen of your phone. See how the colorful slime on your phone changes! Stretch the slime fluffy wallpaper, smash it or draw a pattern! Get your trendy and cute live wallpapers magic touch slime home screen! Do you like satisfying games? Try a squishy toy antistress live background! PRO download girly SLIME MAKER screensaver! Make the universe and galaxy slime phone wallpaper design your favorite one!
Looking for fun stuff for girls! Check out this sparkle slime moving wallpaper for your phones!
Better than yucky and gooey squishie dynamic backgrounds! Complete your girly themes with this unicorn slime wallpapers interactive! Play with slime wallpaper girly cute and have endless fun! Kids, teenagers and adults, everyone will love the slime games wallpaper fun! Entertainment for the whole family with a pastel slimy app!
*** FEATURES for Cute Slime Wallpaper apps***
Games on phone display
♥ Stress and anxiety relief
♥ Pretty slime simulator wallpapers
♥ Glitter slime wallpaper that you can play with
♥ Cute themes for girls
Relax as you pinch and press the Cute Slime Wallpaper live app!
Simulate the stress ball relaxation feeling! Better than dough making games is this rainbow glitter slime making wallpaper app! Real slime wallpapers that you can play with are ideal as stress relief app! Stretch and distort the textures of 3D wallpapers slime in all directions! Double touch input supported on girly wallpaper slime live! Use your fingers to play with the jiggly wiggly jelly 3D texture! This personalization app has kawaii slime wallpapers that move, as well as a great selection of unique custom girly backgrounds!
Cute Slime Wallpaper animation with stretch effects of textures on homescreens.
Create shapes of sticky glitter glue on moving slime wallpapers for girls! Glittery live wallpapers slime ASMR sounds will soothe your mind! Get 3D and kawaii effect on your phone! Customize your themes with playable wallpapers of slime!
Have you tried silly games? How about a gross kinetic sand app? Now you can squish satisfying sand and anti stress toys!
This fluffy slime touch wallpaper can be your interactive home screen decoration! Hesitate no more and install touchable slime wallpapers 3D!
The slime wallpaper for Android™ devices will make you happy! All moveable slime wallpapers live are popular among teenagers, millenials, but ladies and gentlemen as well! We offer not only cute backgrounds for girls, but also DIY movable slime wallpaper HD! If you don't like a glitter wallpaper of slime, choose among many cute animated backgrounds from our kawaii texture pack!
Experience Cute Slime Wallpaper touch magic!
If you need double tap wallpaper for girls slime effect, search no more! Pick one cute pink glitter texture background with lizun liquid animation! Pink wallpapers and backgrounds slime for girls! Forget about the old foam simulator! Relieve tension with magic slime wallpaper that you can touch NOW!

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