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Recolor App is one of the most amazingly great adults coloring books to help us feel more comfortable after long hour of learning and working. Download the Color Apps today to enjoy the colorful drawings you create!
Creating colorful, personalized-style paintings is now extremely simple with the colorfy app app with lots of photos in many categories such as mandalas, florals, animals and patterns. coloring apps for psychological treatment with images as well as colors, you will feel proud and comfortable to love life when you have completed a colorful picture by yourself with this adults coloring books

Recolor App is the leading FREE recolor coloring app. Color apps gives you the freedom to create colorful artworks to help you relax and more fun after stressful working hours.
The main feature of adults coloring books
Very nice application with very easy to use interface
Hundreds of beautiful coloring apps in many genres such as: recolor app, mandalas, florals, animals, dogs, cats, people and patterns.
Daily Challenge feature with 3 randomly selected photos to color each day will help you be more excited.
A handy set of tools to choose from: previous color, previous actions, next action and eraser to help you complete the masterpiece more easily
Color and recolor as many time as you want
You can use color apps without internet or wifi connection
Library saves the pictures you've colored
Save your photos in Full HD quality
Easily share your coloring pictures with friends via social networks
Extremely simple coloring mode with a variety of color palettes
Create colorful colorfy app with extremely simple color schemes
Free recolor coloring app for adults and children
Coloring Apps is compatible with most android devices on the market.
adults coloring booksand completely free
How to use the Recolor Coloring App
Download adult adults coloring books on the app market
Open the app and choose the type of painting you love
Choose the picture you want to color for entertainment with recolor app
Choose color in the palette and click on the location to paint on the picture
You can zoom in or zoom out the picture to make it easier to color small details
Press "back" or "Next" or delete to be able to easily complete your coloring picture
You don't know how to color? Don't worry, you can choose to view the tutorial to see the sample picture.
Share your wonderful coloring pictures and color apps with friends and have fun together
adults coloring books for me is an extremely interesting application not only for adults but also for children. Application helps stimulate the brain to develop as well as stimulate the child's color recognition response, in addition to choosing colors and numbers to help children enhance the ability to coordinate hands and eyes, help children recognize color soon, distinguish colors flexibly. Not only that, the recolor app also helps children to enhance their creativity, love art and nurture children's painting and painting abilities. .
Whether you are an adult or a child, applying mandala color apps is always the most suitable and wonderful application for you! Stimulate the creativity of yourself and your friends around by Download recolor app for FREE and use it now, you will find your spirit completely relaxed with the colors.
Any contribution related to improving the feature and developing the adults coloring books to suit you, please contact us via mail:

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