Last Nights at Horror Survival

发行商: MadStorm
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You got lost in a small village when you were driving along an unfamiliar road, around a bend you suddenly lose control and fall down the hill.
You have no choice but to enter the old abandoned building.
Now you're alone in the dark ...
Wandering along the corridors of the hospital your nerves to the limit, your heart is filled with fear, gloomy scary sounds, voices, ghosts, and zombies!
You need to be extremely careful to stay alive, take care of each cartridge, do not let enemies in, search every corner.
You need to look for keys to open certain doors.
Your goal is to find all the notes, tips to solve the mystery and turn on the generators of electricity, then maybe you can escape.
Avoid monsters, survive and do not forget about screamers in this horror!

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