FreeCell Solitaire - No Adverts

发行商: MiMo Games
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Our Paid Version of FreeCell Solitaire will have no adverts and will be available for a one time payment, no complicated ongoing subscription like some developers charge. FreeCell Solitaire is a fairly simple card game to develop, and so we want to be fair with users.
Yes, we are going to make less than other developers, but we are really hoping our customers will enjoy the way we are going to be doing things, especially in terms of being fairer to players.
We have also created a new mode for FreeCell Solitaire, PANIC MODE. You will have a 2 minute countdown to complete each card game. The pressure of the clock out of the corner off your eye, ticking away. Bonus points if you manage to complete the game in time, or a smashed screen audio graphic, if you fail. Just something fun and a bit different to keep things interesting.
We really hope you enjoy playing games with us, Freecell Solitaire will be our first ever app, but we are going to be creating others with the same ethos, less adverts, fair prices, and great fun games.
Even if you are kind enough to support us with 5 Star Reviews, we still want to hear your feedback and suggestions. We want to build a community of players for all of our games.
Have fun, and thank you very much for your support.

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