Tabby 2 - Audio Player for Kids

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This music player is specifically designed for children from 1-10. The simple and static interface allows little ones to find and play their favorite songs and audiobooks by pressing colorful images.
You can configure track icons choosing from our large selection of beautiful child friendly icons and provide your own album covers. Sort your content into tabs, adjust the colors, and add or remove interface elements like volume controls and a seek bar depending on your child's age.
In the future we will add many more features to the app, like podcasts, webradio, sleep timer, and more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.
* This app is currently optimized for tablet screens.
** This app is 100% free of adds and in -app purchases. It is a product of passion.
*** You will need a Spotify Premium account to use it with the pro version of this app.

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