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Do you Love FNBR And You Play It ALL the Time ? and you want to enjoy Remixed songs of FNBR dances & emotes as ringtones for your phone or tablet? if your answer is yes then this app is made for you.
all ringtones available like ( Fresh Emote, Electro Shuffle, Flapper, Finger Guns, Floss, Best Mates ) also FNBR Rap & mixed songs... and more.
Ringtones Sound with FNBR theme that can be played and saved as ringtones and alerts. Sounds are categorized in 3 categories, and can easily be added as ringtones or alert tones.
Category 1: Amazing FNBR Ringtones (39 songs)
Category 2: Remixed FNBR Ringtones (27 songs)
Category 3: Cool FNBR Rap Ringtones (7 songs)
These ringtones are really cool! make you happy when the phone/tablet rings!
It contains the best and most complete FNBR ringtones in one application!
I hope you enjoy it :)

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